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What is Artlit Times

Art is the mirror held to the self and the society. it is unique gift to the humans who can express their feelings and emotions through various forms of art. our magazine provides a platform for the people who have poured out their emotions and created the fantastic world not only through pen and paper but also with brush and canvas. hence, we have spread our web to pick them from their hidden homes and present those personalities to the world. to discover the profound area of art, artlit times magazine takes you to a journey of exploring the unnoticed niches of art and artists. the magazine has been craftily curated to bring you the mixture of different perspectives of art, paralleled with artists across the globe and is a place with diverse set of artists mending ideas in to space of art. the magazine is packed and evolved with tales and ideals of dynamic contributors in, and around the world. each piece of art work is handpicked, to bring delight to readers mind

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The Brewery of Art

In the stillness of the world, Brewing art is an environment for spilling emotions of heart out. We believe – art is the healing power and we also believe that art is the medicine, that can cure any illness. Like a river, we are brewing art which would imbibe into our soul and would nest and nurture each form of art. Brewing art would be a space, where we would walk all genre of life discovering the love for all art forms.

Our Backbone of Support

Artlit times is part of an initiative which is under our brand, Rostrum Diaries. The word Rostrum meaning – a platform, is a community that has grown to an extent to touching more than 15,000 people across many cities all over India. In many of its initiiatves, this name is also developing its gain internationally.

Founded in 2016, Rostrum Diaries is a community pioneered by a bunch of passionate techies with a heart for art. A stage to nurture, create, cultivate, curate and collaborate with performers, poets, storytellers, narrators, content creators and artists all over the world. The community is all about artist goodwill and promotion of art with technology at hand. In a world where science is for mind and art is for heart. Rostrum aims to strengthen the backbone of spoken art culture. A mutli – lingual platform, with a graceful yearning for all those unheard voices and unsung artists. So a nonstop mission with a state of the art experience curation for the world to Plug and Play Rostrum Diaries! In the year 2021, Rostrum Diaries was merged with GubbiBoo Ventures Private Ltd. & is registered under the Trade mark act of India 1999. Visit to know more!

Rostrum Publications

Rostrum publication is the mainstream outlet for publishing and amplifying the literature. A space to bring out the content by elevating best of our output. Publishing sector is the glue that connects literature to the outer world and rostrum publication on a broader level brings you unfinished passions with basic niches that gives our audience the best. 6 In the era of industrial revolution rostrum publication is open to bringing new ideas to light by re creating and developing the work. With our potential to reach we are just getting started with the baby steps towards the world of literature. We are working every day to bring you the finest of the art piece. Help us grow in all directions and the best way is by supporting amateur community in building the nest for all the artists across the globe.

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