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Editorial Team

No success story begins with an ‘I’. Our magazine has an extremely talented and meticulous team working in the background to bring the best in content, design and presentation. Each one specialized in their own field are highly qualified and standardized executives who exclusively look after presentation of art and artists in an interesting and authentic way

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Abhishek Bendigeri

Editor in Chief

Aishwarya Raikar

Managing Editor

Sourabh Deshpande

Editorial Director

Rajesh Patnaik

Group Chief Editor

Anoop Betageri

Design & IT Advisor

Bhimagouda Patil

Proof Reader & Advisor

Namrata Badigannavar

Asst. Editor

Chinmayenda Arya

Design & Print Advisor

Saumya Madhukar

Editorial Coordinator

Varsha Bakare

Editorial Coordinator

Deepal Patil

Editorial Coordinator

Digvijay Patil

Editorial Coordinator

Editor-in-Chief:  Abhishek Bendigeri
Managing Editor:  Aishwarya Raikar
Editorial Director & Coordinator:  Sourabh Deshpande
Group Chief Editorial Director:  Rajesh Patnaik
Group Design Editor:  Anoop Betageri
Asst. Editor:  Namrata Badigannavar
Creative Advisor & Columnist:  Niranjan Navalgund

Ink Spill Poetry & Chronicles Section

Editorial Coordinator: Sourabh Deshpande

Travel & Kids Section

Editorial Coordinator: Saumya Madhukar

Artly Canvas & Beyond Z Section

Editorial Coordinator: Digvijay Patil

Story Brook Section

Editorial Coordinator: Namrata Badigannavar

Book Review Section

Editorial Coordinator: Mytri Gopinath

Mythology Section

Editorial Coordinator: Aditya Naik

Terribly Micro Tales Section

Editorial Coordinator:  Varsha Bakare

Artist Spotlight

Editorial Coordinator: Rajesh Patnaik

Photography Section

Editorial Coordinator: Deepal Patil

Film Review Section

Editorial Coordinator: Sanket Kulkarni

Advisory Committee: Dr. Madhav Prabhu; Marie Raghavan; Pushkar Ogale; Ashutosh David; Swatee Jog;  Vijaylakshmi Hulmani; Sharan Hulmani;

Editing Process

Step One

An Artist is identified by our scout team.

Step Two

The content is verified, screened and checked for plagiarism and authenticity.

Step Three

The concerned artist is approached by editorial team and consent is acquired regarding the verified content.

Step Four

The artist is interviewed and details such as photos, social media handles and other references are collected.

Step Five

The storyline is then built and structured as per the magazine norms and format.

Step Six

The built story is then presented to the editorial team for review & validation.

Step Seven

Once the content is approved and inspected the editorial team decides the issue and schedules it to publish.

Step Eight


Recommend Someone

1. Identify and recommend the talent which you feel is apt to be featured in the magazine.

2. Do background research and please verify if the artist and art work is genuine.

3. Collect information about the artist which includes background verification, proof of their art work & contact details

4. Visit our website and fill the recommendation form