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Defy the rules that adhere you with shackles, free your artly soul, express yourself in the form of art you love, and we will help the world see a different you! So, if you believe in your art, or know someone who is exceptionally talented, but is lost in the crowd, reach out to us, and we will give you the stage your art deserves.
“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
- Alberto Giacometti

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Who are we?

Art is the mirror held to the self and the society. It is unique gift to the humans who can express their feelings and emotions through various forms of art. Our magazine provides a platform for the people who have poured out their emotions and created the fantastic world not only through pen and paper but also with brush and canvas. Hence, we have spread our web to pick them from their hidden homes and present those personalities to the world.

All the art sections we cover

The place where your inner poet gets back to life. this section encourages you to create words and we put them on our paper. if you have an unexpressed and uncontrolled love for poetry, your art finds its place here. expression through words and rhymes and projection of your inner self through the poems which you carve, will get you featured on our page. be the expressive poet for several poem lovers who search for an inspiration to begin. the poems can be submitted by anybody with no age bar applied. the poetry can be of any form and any genre but only english language is preferred and a maximum of 200 words would be allowed. in case of multiple poetries only the best one shall be hand picked and reviewed by the editorial team. the ink spill section provides you a platform to get featured and get recognized in the poetic community.

 A place where you column your stories of different genres and give your audience a glimpse of your thrill. Life is all about creating stories and memories. If you have any story, anecdote, or incident to share write to us and we will feature you as the storyteller who lived to tell the tale. There are no limitations to genre and no bias to forms, anybody who crafts stories or anecdote is free to submit their manuscripts. Your stories should not exceeded 500 words. The different forms of stories for selection priority would be fiction, non fiction, drama, fable, folklore, legend, humor, biography and autobiography.

The perfect path to trace your travel journeys and backpacker days. If you are a back packer traveler wander lusting in different places across the country or the globe, then this is your place. Get your travel stories and share your experiences, review of the place and also let our readers know what to be added in their bucket list of life. Carve your stories, whether thrill or calm, long or short, we will feature your journey across the world in your own words. Be the itinerary for several of those who are busy making house on wheels plan. This section is restricted to travel bloggers and travelers who write their travel journal. Your anecdote should be up to 500 words and selection of the stories shall be based on authenticity and descriptive features of the place and pictures. Clarity of your travel pictures plays an important role. This column will not only get you the recognition of a travel blogger but also essentially trigger many readers to pursue travel to such beautiful places.

The study of epochal stories and old narratives will bring all of us together in unearthing the ancient mystery. If you are interested in epics, which hover secrets of the world then Artly times brings you this feature where the mystery of mythological stories are unearthed, discussed and analysed. Every issue will present to you with characters, stories or anecdotes, mythologies across the world. This section lets you know about many mythological heroes and greatest villains of ancient times. The Section focusses at revealing the hidden secrets and mysteries which have existed in our mythologies but have yet remained undiscovered and Artly times rediscovers, reviews and brings you the secrets of the past in an innovative way.

A column dedicated to help you fall in love with the world of words. The section focuses on helping you learn new words through funny puzzles, crosswords, riddles and more. In addition to that, there would also be quotes and mini stories that show how less can be more.

If you are an artist who loves to draw, paint and sketch, let your emotions and feelings flow on the paper, let it be colored or uncolored, any sketch or art of vivid form, will get featured on our page irrespective of genre. If you love playing with colors then your art piece today can be the masterpiece for tomorrow. Hold on to your pencils and let yourselves free to culture the master art. Art in any genre is accepted in our magazine. So, unleash the Picasso in you and paint our Artly Canvas. Your art work gets an exclusive audience to appreciate and exhibit without any expenditure. For all those who have an inclination to colors and sketches are invited to present their art, but selection will be strictly on the maturity, beauty and description of the art. A maximum of only one art will be published per one artist. This column is a platform to get recognized as an artist to various dimensions and be a part of the color community

The editorial team brings you something different in this column. As said, art has no form or is not bound by technicalities. Beyond Z features all those art works which are beyond literary skills such as difft. Forms of dance, ancient art forms, clay modelling, handicrafts, designing, carvings etc. You can suggest us different art forms and our team will review the art forms and the artist and cover a story on it. This column shall bring recognition to all the lost and hidden artists and get their handwork into limelight.

It's now time for the world to say cheese to you because you are going to be the click-topher column-bus of our magazine...if you love lens then send us your clicks to get featured on our page and show the world to our readers through your lens. Get featured in our magazine with exceptional photographs depicting your passion and art undisclosed. Widespread angle of your photographs. Exceptionally good photographs make our cover page. This column is open for all who those who love photography. Both mobile and camera photographs are accepted. Selection and shortlisting will be based on clarity, content and description. A maximum of one photograph will be chosen per individual in one issue. This column allows all budding photographers to have their private space with copyrights to their pictures.

In this column, we handpick and suggest you some of the best films to watch. The selection and review of the films will be done by our internal review committee, but our readers can suggest us their favourite films to review. The selection criteria will be based on content, technical aspects and storyline. This column benefits you in understanding and conceptualising a movie and in case you have not watched it, you will have one in your bucket list. The movies selected could be of any language and any country. This column in no means promotes or advertises any movie, series, or anybody who is associated with the movie.

Want to read something interesting and something new?...come and have a look at our book reviews. Be a bookedelic and get to know new books which have landed fresh in the market, read our opinion forward and recommend it to many. A place to know about pros and cons of new and old books and get to know about many lost and latent authors and their work. Suggest us any book and we shall review it for you.

Know eminent artists while you sit on your comfy couch...and read the cover stories of poets, storytellers, actors and musicians having an engagement in their field. Breath taking revelations, extraordinary guidance and suggestions to all amateur, this interview column would bring you all under one roof. Follow the artists and get to know about their lifestyles. You can recommend an artist and we would shortlist them based on our editorial team analysis and write about them exclusively. If you know any artist or if you are an artist then please send us your suggestions. If selected, our team will interview and feature the artist in the issue.

All work and no play make jack a dull boy! Well your Jack will no longer be a dull boy as we have got him all wat he needs.... A special space for kids to get featured but age restricted to below 13. Young poets, storytellers, artists [Any form] all are welcome to come and be the budding artist for tomorrow. There is no boundaries to the art to be submitted. The art work can be submitted individually or can be collaborated with different schools and institutions lending an encouragement for the kids upon getting featured.

Terribly micro tales is an open initiative where participants, irrespective of their age groups can send in short stories or micro tales. The word limit for terribly micro tales is 80 words and selection is based on authenticity, creativity and perfection in carving short stories. If selected the participant gets a chance to be featured in terribly micro tales book for free and exiting goodies. To send in your micro tales visit

Story brook is a monthly writing challenge, where stories on given topic are invited. The stories received will be evaluated and scanned by the reviewers committee and the best story shall be published for free under rostrum diaries publication along with an opportunity to win merchandise. This is a monthly challenge and the word limit for every story remains to be 500 words maximum. To participate in story brook challenge submit your entries at

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